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This is just to say a big thank you for the magnificent way in which you played back the stories of
our Business Change team. The feedback has been wonderful and it has really moved people into another space. Conversations are starting to happen and we can see sparks of the environment we want to create.
Thank you for honouring are journey thus far and for providing us with a glimpse of what it is possible for us to become together.
The invitation to embrace a new way of being in the workplace has been clearly heard.- Sandy Scott (Sanlam)

The Bonfire theatre compnay was no doubt the highlight of our conference. They were able to capture our theme of 'Celebrating Women through storytelling' and bring it alive. The performances were inspirational and soul stirring. Feedback from our guests highlighted that the performances set the tone for the entire event and got each person riveted to their seats and excited about what was to come. My sincere thank you goes to the team of very talented artists. - Kumeshnee West (Graduate School of Business)

I thought it was quite entertaining and thought provoking. It was absolutely amazing how they could act out your story in so much detail within only a few minutes of a short interview. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. - Angelique Petersen (Delegate: women in Business Event)

I just quickly wanted to congratulate you and your team again on a wonderful performance!! The feedback of the conference participants was stunning! They even mentioned the playback theatre again in the overall evaluation of the conference on the last day and were blown away by your act/ing & act/ors skills, gifts and talents! Well done! We look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with you! I still think back of the beautiful stories you elicited and harvested from our conference participants! - Catherine Widrig Jenkins (Ingenious Peoples Knowledge)

It was awesome, I so enjoyed it and it really forced people to get involved and to consider each other and see each other in a different light. It was something different, which was lovely :-)- Marisja Kocznur

Thanks for the wonderful performance at the Twilight Children's Shelter.
The Bonfire Theatre lit up the smiles and imagination of the boys who live at the shelter.
The way in which you dramatised their stories of pain and hope gave the boys inspiration and courage to pursue their dreams.
That is the impression I got from the feedback from the boys in the mentoring group.
Congratulations and thank you to the bonfire team! - From the Twilight Children's Shelter

Refreshing. Something different for a change, and a lot of fun. - Maxidore Meyer

Very refreshing, interactive and loads of fun to do with your colleagues. Two thumbs up!  The music pipes were the best!- Alistair van Wyk

Very professional and well organised, great energy through out the day. Matthew Marrian

Storytelling as a management competency has quickly become a fashion. But there are countless training companies out there who have jumped on this bandwagon by simply reheating and repackaging their 'Presentation Skills' products to fit this important requirement. It's reassuring to know that there are artists like those at Bonfire out there, who are able to show and teach us their skill in ways that are useful, interesting and above all thoroughly entertaining. Much gratitude to Heather and her crew for the extra time and effort they took to get this right with our team. Bonfire comes highly recommended! - Ajith Singh (Allan Gray)

I believe it is the right moment for businesses here to wake up to the value of the creative arts – the leadership effects of which are not as explicit as those that derive from economic leadership competencies. This often means that they are more easily overlooked. Nevertheless, evidence is increasingly pointing to the need for leadership to provide more life-affirming qualities, such as harmony, synergy, community, enrichment, and sustainability, which can be enhanced through the creative arts. Improvisers have developed capabilities and skills that are sought after in business nowadays. They are adept at dealing with changing and unpredictable circumstances. They know how to cope with uncertainty, be flexible, adaptive and creative under pressure. Moreover, since improvisational theatre is based on a number of practices, not on innate talent, it can be studied, learned and applied to situations beyond the stage - Professor Kurt April (Graduate School of Business reflecting on the inclusion of Bonfire’s improvisation work with the MBA students.)



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