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Tailor Made Performances

Tailor Made Performances


Bonfire Facilitation and Reflective De-Briefing and Theatre Show

Allow Bonfire to create a show designed especially for your event or conference. The entire process is split into two parts:

Visual/Physical/Musical Reflection:

The physical/visual reflection part of the show will be designed as a high impact intervention that exploits the element of surprise, offering your delegates/participants a unique, non prescriptive and unprejudiced opportunity to visualise and consider the implications of what they have heard and thought about during the conference or event. The facilitator will ask the participants specific questions designed to debrief the audience and the actors will immediately reflect back what they hear in a variety of interactive, improvised theatre pieces.

Bonfire Theatre Show

The show is an interactive and improvised theatre experience where your audience will be an active part of the performance thereby deepening the impact of your event. The facilitator will elicit stories from the audience that are connected to the theme of the conference/event and the actors will turn them into theatre, accompanied by live, improvised music. The effect is mesmerising and cathartic, instantly establishing a sense of community and shared purpose. The show works well at the end of a process – to reflect upon the greater story your audience have all shared.



39 Rosmead Avenue

Cape Town, 7800.
South Africa

Tel: 021 448 7199087 820 2246

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