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Transformation through stories 

It has been said that business and the arts are not different fields, but different aspects of the same creative process. Given the dramatic changes taking place in our society, the economy and technology, an increasing number of companies are including artistic processes in their approach to facilitate more spontaneous and innovative ways of managing and leading.

The old ways no longer work as they used to and business leaders have been amongst the first to make use of creative processes to guide their thinking and action.

The Bonfire Theatre Project has, over the past 5 years, devised and implemented a number of approaches that serve to develop skills for leadership, teamwork and dealing with changing and uncertain environments. Bonfire works with your team using a wide range of dynamic methodologies to engage your team and can be tailor made to suit your business/brand.

These include:

Group team building:
This workshop facilitates creativity and increases the levels of engagement and collaboration
within your team through the introduction of the basic principles of theatrical improvisation.

Bringing vision and values to Life:
This workshop playfully engages your team with your core business values or vision and
employs active ways to illustrate and embody these.

Transformation through stories:
Use our unique approach to transformation theatre show for any business event or to work with issues such as change
management, diversity or conflict management. After a warm up process, the conductor will
elicit stories from the audience and our talented actors will bring them to life through theatre,
accompanied by a musical improviser.



39 Rosmead Avenue

Cape Town, 7800.
South Africa

Tel: 021 448 7199087 820 2246

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